self reflection time

well, here we go with the thing where i don’t update until something big happens, or special happens.

so first of all, i finally got my first job, and now i’m working at a shoe store!
i mean the pay is not great or anything, but i guess it’s all for the experience.
because i have all the volunteer experience from doing all that YOURS stuff, but no real job. (if you compare work and volunteer, well one job is equal to ten volunteer things…)
and i guess things are going pretty well!
i’ve sold lots of the accessories, and enough for the regional? manager to be impressed (i think…from what i was told)
and i guess my sales for shoes aren’t too bad too,
i think the best part of this experience was that i got the chance to deal with annoying or difficult customers.
some that are “unreasonable”, or just plain my “mistake”
although annoying, or just difficult to deal with
but i still really appreciate the experience!

and next topic is more close to home,  (no pun intended haha…)
so the parentals when down to the states for dad’s friend’s (kinda coworker) wedding
and dad asked if i wanted to i could/wanted to go with them.
well no, because i don’t know these people, and next i wasn’t sure if i had work
(and i ended up having work, and i didn’t want to take the day off. because of reason #1)
so now i have the whole house to myself, only for one night though. (not such a big deal)
like all people, you would think that the first think i do with en empty house is to party like there’s no tomorrow
but i no. i’m not doing that right now.
i only have a few friends over, drinking causally (except one. simon haha), and then went out to the park for a late night walk and stuff.
i mean, i wouldn’t be able to do this stuff when my parents are here, so i guess it’s rebellious.
and i guess i’m proud of myself right now.
i handled myself well, and the house well.
the parentals did say not to have anyone over,
but i trust these people, so i’m not too concerned.

apart from all the parental concern stuff,
i must say it’s kinda sad waking up to a house, and you know people that usually come home isnt’ coming home for the night.
i enjoy all the freedom, but now the house is just sad and empty.

would i want this kind of freedom again?
–> yes. but i really need company or self i’ll just be lonely and sad,
and cry myself to sleep at night.