the future seems scarey.

Ahh so glad xanga has an apple application now. But when i switch to android i dont think theyll have this, darn.

So it’s 3am right now, and i dont feel tired at all so i decided that i should write here. I’ve been getting lots of thoughts about life lately, and since its too late to call anyone i’ll just talk about it here.

Well i guss the first thing that i need to blog here more haha, and maybe i’ll take crista’s suggestion and transfer this to LiveJournal. Next, is that i should type properly and not use thst many smileys! It’ll be hard, but i gotta do what i gotta do!

So first topic i shall address, is that i’m on my way to my first part time job! YAY! and refering to the previous post, last friday before my test run at my first job where i applied my parents gave me the prep talk again. Telling me “oh don’t meet strangers”, “keep a look out on your stuff!”. All of which, as a 19 year old, i already know. But once again, the part the pricks me in the wrong way is the fact that he just HAS to mention “i really should be telling this to a 16 year old, but you’re just a little late and that’s okay.”
Oh father, and you dont think that this was YOUR doing? Great.
But at least i’m now en route to get a job.

Next thing to address is my “secret” life as a video game streamer. Spend long hours on this, exposing myself, talking to people 5 hrs at a time. Dont get me wrong. Its fun and i love it! But where is this taking me? am i trying to be that one special person and be partnered? But i have educational goals.
What about gift and donation? I just dont feel right taking money or gifted games from people. But as vincent said, ” this is what you do! You’re an entertainer!” And now its a battle between “morals” or a “secret job”

I guess thats i can spit out at the moment, but i know i will have more to think about .
This app is pretty good 🙂