oh i’ve missed you xanga

You know all those corny quotes you see on like twitter thatgoes,
“oh love a girl for who she is not what you want her to be an all that stuff,”
I realized that is true for blogs too…
I mean,
I tried to change my blog many times,
blogger, tumblr, livejournal,
but they never work
I’m still in love with my good old xanga 🙂

and BOY HAVE I BEEN ITCHING TO TYPE HERE (no in the form of writing papers…NO.)
I miss just typing what I feel,
about vince’s annoying ness (HAHAHA)
and helping out at YOURS and all the stupid and funny things that happen 🙂
I want to come back to this blog in like 10 years and read back at all thestupid stuff that I did and be able to laugh about myself,

I  don’t take as many pictures anymore,
but I wanna pick that up again, I miss just shooting random things with mycamera
point and shoot!
I don’t write on xanga anymore,
but I wanna pick this up again, I miss talking to my invisible audience 🙂
but now is not the time my fellow invisible audience,
exams for ariel are not over, 😦



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