Funny isn’t it?

Hey guysss,
Yea this entry is typedon my netbook, which means I have to type it on word.
WHICH IS WHYYYYYY, allthe words in the beginning of the sentence is capitalized 🙂
Looks really formalright? NAWTTT.

so remember how when I was still in exam time, I was saying that was I itchingto type,
well sadly, that is no more.
I unno why either…
I guess this kinda refers to that thing I mentioned before that “I only blogwhen I’m stressed”

Which is true, cuz I feellike now that I’m done my exams, I already forgot all of the stuff that I wantedto say…
I honestly rememberedthat I wanted to talk about everything,
And now…I don’t evenremember.
But, for the sake ofkeeping my blogging practices, I will now talk about the whole of year2 term1,
And give a small…”review”on it 🙂

So this year at school,I’ve gotten a lot more involved,
I’m the Arts + GraphicCo-Director in the student club I joined at school called YOURS.
well, the full name is really “YOURS Student Association” but yea,

And I’ve also taken upa special position in the Charity Concert that happens every year,
so that seems pretty awesome right? 😀


And then for schoolwise, I’m also taking 5 courses this term,

Socio, psych, Arth,Anth, and last visual arts 🙂


I mean, what can I say?
I liked socio, I have no patience for psych, arth+ anth changed the way I lookedat things (a little) and last visual arts made me realized that I’m the biggestprocrastinator in the world.

There’s really not muchI can report I guess…


But I guess there isthe marks part that is should report eh?…

Well…so I can’t say I’mproud of my grades, nor am I too upset (so far)

But I must say, mystudy skills have improved.

Perhaps not by a lot,but I think I’ve finally found a way for me to study and make my life easier,

And for sure, one ofthose things would to be not to procrastinate so much…


But I unno, I feel likenext term would be better,

And that’s what I toldmyself last year too…just gotta work extra hard I guess…

No time to play!!!(except for yours stuff 😀 )


So that’s my schoolyear I guess…

And then next, arieltalks about…what she’s been up to and…

Jk, it’s not that scary>___>


So lately, Vincentdecided to get me Minecraft for my birthday…

And the dots don’t meanthat it’s a bad thing,


Yea…just like guys whenthey like to play games,

I watch videos on howto do stuff, and improve on the games,

And I joined the game’sforum and see if my questions are already answered and stuff

Y’know , the usual.

But what the bad partis…when I’m thinking of examples, or jokes,


UM. Yea, I’m gonna turnto a nerd soon… 😦

OH WELL. It’s thewinter, I deserve to play video games and do nothing all day 😀


And now, myfeelingsssssss

I unno, lately I’vebeen feeling…lonely I guess

But I really shouldn’t

I have good friends,and people I can talk to anytime I want.

But I guess when I thinkof lonely, it’s because I’m lonely on the intimate side,

Now don’t get me wrong!
in no ways am I saying “I’M DESPERATE FOR A BOYFRIEND”

But rather, interpretit like this.

“I’m just feelin’ alittle lonely, I don’t NEED  boyfriend,but if one decided to pop out of nowhere, I won’t completely shut the wallsdown” if you know what I mean

Just lackin’ a littleof that stuff 😛
no big deal though.

Cuz I’m the type ofperson that believes that, if it’s meant to be, it will come to me.

And all I really needto do, is take the chances when I can, and just be me 🙂



Sometimes, it justreally annoys me when there are people that know something is funny,

But instead to keeptheir image and like look all “pretty” and stuff, they just make a stinky faceand make it seem like people that laugh at these jokes are all retarded.

These are the peoplethat make others self-conscious.

I mean, they’re notfake.



Well that was a bigword fart 🙂

Until next time myfavourite blog,

Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year!

oh i’ve missed you xanga

You know all those corny quotes you see on like twitter thatgoes,
“oh love a girl for who she is not what you want her to be an all that stuff,”
I realized that is true for blogs too…
I mean,
I tried to change my blog many times,
blogger, tumblr, livejournal,
but they never work
I’m still in love with my good old xanga 🙂

and BOY HAVE I BEEN ITCHING TO TYPE HERE (no in the form of writing papers…NO.)
I miss just typing what I feel,
about vince’s annoying ness (HAHAHA)
and helping out at YOURS and all the stupid and funny things that happen 🙂
I want to come back to this blog in like 10 years and read back at all thestupid stuff that I did and be able to laugh about myself,

I  don’t take as many pictures anymore,
but I wanna pick that up again, I miss just shooting random things with mycamera
point and shoot!
I don’t write on xanga anymore,
but I wanna pick this up again, I miss talking to my invisible audience 🙂
but now is not the time my fellow invisible audience,
exams for ariel are not over, 😦