okay okay. jeez calm your…breasts.

woot woot,
back from hongkong! 🙂
well i mean,
nothing much to say,
catching up with the family ❤ :’)
and everything i need to say is really just in my pictures
which brings me to my main point (nice segue eh? 😉 )

i said i was gonna vlog.
that COMPLETELY failed
i though i was gonna pull my camera out and video tape stuff.
that didn’t happen
i only pulled my camera out for snapshots.
and LOTS of them.

so now under the suggestion of  crista ( follw her btw )
i will try to p….PLOG.
who doesn’t like pictures?! 😀
if you know me since high school you know that there’s nothing i won’t take a picture of.
it’s quite the lovely 🙂
and dude,
i’m gonna bring xanga back to life AHAHAH
i’m determined 🙂
but that’s what i say all the time >_______>

and with this last sentence,
i’m here to announce ariel’s mission for year2
which is my plogs 🙂