oh hey. i have a midterm 2molo.

this is what i’m doing at the moment instead of studying 🙂

it’s so bad i have to blog it.

mondays suck. (well at least this one)

1. i didn’t have a good sleep on the bus
yes it matters.
i didn’t have a good start to the day.
not cool already.
thus. many things to rant. 😀

2. just rant,
people. it’s raining cats and dogs.
yes, uggs may not be a good idea

3. being sleepy in class makes me frustrated 😦

watch. we’ll get it back…
you’ll see…
i wanna throw my iclicker at the back of their heads.

5. psycho prof sucks shit
she has an accent
you doesn’t have proper grammar
she says arousal or AH RAU SO.
i’m learning NOTHINGGGGG
she sucks. 😦

as you can see.
today’s not a good day.

oh my, what a feeling.

i hate how when you haven’t done something for a long time,
you don’t know what to expect or don’t know what to do,
it’s like you’re completely lost without a trace.
you wanna do something,
but you’re scared what whatever you’re gonna do is not normal, weird.
and probably just crazy.
knowing me,
when i start to over think,
i go CRAZY. i probably become really really messed up LOL
</3 embarrassinggg….

all guess it’s really normal,
i’ve always been approached,
and the only time i took things into my only hands was in grade 8 with ronny
i was probably crazy LOL
and the next time was with calvin wong.
and that time i was DEFINITELY crazy.
i’m gonna say this word for word now, so no one laugh at me.
i think i was drunk off air or something when this happened.
i asked him out TWICE. and both times i got rejected.
WHY DID I DO THAT!? i don’t know 🙂
i’m crazy remember?

and then after that i was always approached,
it’s been a while since i’ve spontaneously like someone…
and now, i don’t know what to do.
what’s normal?
what do i do?
what does it mean when he doesn’t reply? (he’s probably busy but jeez. i’m crazy remember?)
its like the world is a complete blank.
i’m so lost again.
i wanna be brave and take matters into my own hands again.
i know it’s really common for girls to be so up front again.
but what if he thinks it’s weird? :
and i don’t even know if he likes anyone or a significant other already…
that’s sad isn’t it? (well at least his fb says he doesn’t, but how often is that true?)

not saying all guys are the same,
but how often do this like some girl with short hair and a bold attitude?
well all i can say that the people that do,
deep respects man, respect. HAHAHA X)

lets just hope all goes well.  🙂
if not?
then it just wasn’t ment to be eh? X)

my asian parent pressured driving experience.

so i FINALLY got my “N” 😉
and so the first thing my dad said was “okay you can drive from now on”
i don’t really think so,
but today, since i woke up earlier than usual today.
i was allowed to drive.

so first from home to RBC near DQ,
so that drive was alright.
i mean the drive was short,
i didn’t park properly but oh well,

and then we went to ikea for breakfast
i tried to reverse park. FAIL.
things just aren’t the same,
i’ll miss the easy driving of the corolla. </3
i’ll miss that car.

and then we headed to the automall.
i tried to parallel park FAIL.
things just aren’t the same without that corolla…
not to mention i pressed on the gas by accident.
it’s okay. i didn’t kill anyone or hit anything.
but er…you know what?

next from automall to home
pretty nice drive i guess,
just one straight road home,

then we went out to lansdowne,
and that’s when we experienced the intensity of the asian parent pressured driving.
(not saying my dad didn’t complain before. but it just that what happened here annoyed  me even more)

*stops behind the stop line about to turn right*
*rolls out, turns wheel slightly, stops again”
(someone, i know it’s either mom or dad but i don’t remember who) “oh, you don’t have to stop this one too.”
woah wait what?
i know there’s no car and you can see that,
but i can’t just ZOOOM out.

at  lansdowne parking lot.
*stops at stop line, it was like a 4 way stop, and to my left there was another car, but i was first*
dad: “don’t stop so far from the stop line”
i was far from the stop line!?
how does this work?!
my windshield wiper thing was right at the line (from what see fu taught me)
and i was OBVIOUSLY (note i used caps cuz it was true.) at the line first,
but my dad continued to say,
what your teacher taught you was just to follow the rules
but these are like life skills.
okay true,
dad 1, ariel 0.

i failed at parking again.
you know what?
i’ll get it one day…

so we left the mall,
my dad went to push the cart away
and i was just sitting in the car with my mom.
and i put my seat belt on
and my mother continued to say.
“why are you putting your seat belt on? you have to take the *what’s that thing called? lock?* off”
and i’m confused now cuz what does putting seatbelt on have to do with that thing?…

okay and then we’re leaving the parking lot and i’m turning left
*the first three cars got advance green,  the next car moves up to wait, and i’m waiting behind that car behind the stop line*
me: “oh…wait what?! okay…?”
(and at that point,  i was confused cuz there wasn’t much room in between my car, and the other car
and i just obediently  moved forward till i crossed the line.
but usually, don’t you just wait behind till the person’s gone!?)
talk about asian driving road rage and trying to TEACH ME them 🙂
oh and then this happened 🙂
dad: “okay now you can turn”
thanks for telling me dad,
i’ll turn when i want.

there’s more.
but i’ll finish when i come back from dinner LOL