um, i’m lost for words.

see, ironically,
i wanted to do this post about, lets say THREE WEEKS BACK
and i procrastinated.
not only has procrastination ruined my academic life
i’ve also failed to blog about it.
how wonderful eh?

as i’m sitting here waiting for the next three marks to come on to SSC
there are a few things that are going through my mind.

  1. fml.
  2. why did i procrastinate in school?
  3. why is the ubc server so retarded?
  4. i hope my parents don’t ask for my marks.
  5. i refuse to fail.
  6. if i get on probation. FAK.

wonderful. no?
see, i really would’ve thought that after grade 12 or, highschool
i would’ve learned that procrastination is bad for you.
well i guess not.
and now i find myself saying,
“if i pass, i’m gonna work so hard next term i swear to god”
and now, i wonder how long that will last…
but yea.
the waiting is horrible.
i mean,
are the profs out to kill us or something?!
the marks for my first exams aren’t even out yet wtf man.
that was like 2 weeks ago!

i lost my stitch upass thing three weeks ago.
that was horrible. </3
well now that the new upass is here…
ooooohhhhh dear.


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