just dump it all here.

well first of all HAPPY THANKS GIVING!
and then we move on,
today first shall we?

well so it’s thanks giving,
and i’m just here thinking about
what to update on my fb stat (yes i think about this stuff)
and at one point i was thinking about writing something like
“thanks for everything friends”
and thinking about the past possibly typing
“i’ll would’ve never been here if it wasn’t for you!” *dramatic*
and since fb has this thing on the tool bar where it’s like “Photo Memories”
i thought, hm isn’t this nice and take a look at the past
when i loved trying to be tb,
and my camwhore days,
and as i start looking,
i once again see the greatest regret of my life.
and don’t understand,
even if people aren’t tired to listening to me talk about this.
i am.
i’m sick of talking about you.
and yet i’m STILL afraid to type his name out.
is it maybe cuz i’m a lonely person that NEEDS my friends?
but till this day, i think it’s the biggest regret that i lost a friend.
he probably doesn’t give a shit, cuz life moves on.
but on the friend vs. lover stance in life.
i’m still standing there.
never again am i gonna lose another friend.
or maybe its just cuz i’m telling myself i regret
and so i do.
never again. never again.

let see what has past since i last wrote…

um my birthday?
got a hp net book and i ended up returning it and getting an asus one when i went to the states this long weekend 🙂
and might i saw good 18th birthday?
nice going ariel.

did my first uni midterm! :O
and didn’t study.
i feel guilty.

the day before today was  10/10/10
can’t wait till 11/11/11? X)

okay i just totally lost what i wanted to say X)


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