reflection; hk`10

all i have to say is i find myself here in this position every year.
upset cuz i know i’ll miss and missing the company of family,
waking up every morning to grandma’s chinese opera,
then later on going to yum cha with grandpa,
wait for uncle to wake up,
or even waking up to elmo and coffee running into my room
and aidan walking in asking if i’m awake,
it was only 3 weeks.
maybe i’m too scared to be alone,
cuz i know when popo leaves i’ll be alone again
at home.
quiet, silence.
i miss the company in hongkong.

things i start to see as i grow
when i was young,
my uncle was my uncle,
my aunt was my aunt,
and the grandparents,
well they’re my grandparents,

and this time in hongkong?
my uncle is the uncle that says stuff at the wrong time and right in your face. regardless.
my aunt is still the aunt i’ve loved since i was young, but she’s also the aunt with the explosive behavior
my grandma is the grandma that feels like the whole family hates her, yet when you get to her soft side she’s so funny,
my grandpa is the grandpa that does song really strange stuff sometimes, and seems to be disliked by uncle

i love my family, they’re so awesome,
and what’s a family without these strange ppl?
but i miss the days when i didn’t see so much,
didn’t understand so much,
i don’t wanna hear those words,

and at this point,
the words going through my heads are “i don’t wanna grow up”
i’m scared.

and now my eyes are gonna be swollen 2molo.
i’ll be okay,
i’ll be fine,
i made it last year,
i’ll do it again. 🙂


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