i think i’m going to blow up soon

i don’t understand why i always end up here,
no this is not about school this time.

i find that you’re always there when i think of the past,
oh remember that year when blah blah blah happened?
remember when this and this happened?
remember when so and so had a fight?

for me? remember when…
and now today,
it’s just a pain,
maybe it’s cuz i never understood why,
is that the problem?
i try to smile at ever thought of you,
oh he’s just another person that was in my life
no big deal,
but you left such a big mark,
it’s like one of those stains on a pure white shirt that no mattter how hard you try to wash and scrub it’ll never come off
and for ever,
on ur favourite shirt,
that big stain, that just won’t go away
laughing at you everything you try to pick it up,
you can’t bleach, there’s nothing you can do,
you try to throw it away,
but you live with that shirt,

and for you, we meet again,
that name,
staring at me in the face,
i don’t think i’ll ever learn to face this problem,
it’s just like ljm and sc,
i never understand why it’s such a big pain,
but i guess the difference is,
the last message i got,
was he hated me,
he doesn’t care anymore,
i was left for dead,
the pain that was part of the after math,
it hurts so much,

i don’t know.


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