hm, i wonder…

okay fine,
i’m guilty of watching too many dramas,
and guilty of having these thoughts going through my head,
but hey i’m sorry,
it’s just that when these things happened to apply in your life,
you can’t help but to stop and think about it.

so this girl (KimJanDi) was told by this lady that she’ll have 2 soul mates,
him (GuJunPyo), and him (YoonJiHoo),
in the end she’s still with the “GU” dude,
but that’s only cuz the “YOON” dude wanted to remain friends.

and for me, i can’t help but to think ,
maybe me too,
i mean,
isn’t this what’s happening right now?
is this particular section of the story,
PRACTICALLY what i live through everyday?
not like i’m objecting to this position or anything,
just saying X)
welll! 🙂

time to not think so much and listen to HINS 😀
yay 🙂


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