i’m sorry if i’m spamming ppl,
but this week is just so full of wtf?!
and right now i find myself so angry.
if someone was to ask me “what wrong”
i’ll probably even say ” i don’t fucking no”
cuz i unno,
i’m just very emotional right now
i don’t know if it’s angry,
or if it’s sad
i don’t know what it is.
everything is so bottled up,
i trying crying to make it feel better
but i guess that’s not working is it!?
i need to punch this frustration out.
maybe this was triggered after that phone call.
but jeez what the douche?!
maybe it’s cuz this is EXACTLY what happened three years ago
he didn’t pick up
oh yay he finally picked up
heard my voice

i’m so fed up right now.
i can’t even type this out properly to let off some steam

i don’t want to hear ittt


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