blame it on the superstition

this has been the worst, term, month, week, day, hour, MINUTE even,
so far in my whole entire life.
yea you heard me,

i mean, my grades are fine (ish, i guess…)
and whatever,
but there has been tests failed, quizes failed, unproductive days,
items lost, things not done well,
disappointments, numerous actually
i unno,

and yet,
day after day, test after test,
and quiz after quiz i tell myself,
“you know what? i’ll do better next time, maybe tomorrow is gonna be a better day.”

but i find myself blaming random stuff,
like, oh this week is just a bad week,
or, i unno, stupid so-and-so!!!
when CLEARLY it was my fault.
arg i unno,
i’m frustrated DAILY about school,
and i ment to type this AGES ago,
but i guess i did LOL,
cuz i was LAZY and UNPRODUCTIVE.
this is sad 😦

lets move to a happier topic i guess,
i got an “A” in english!?
i have a pretty good average for uni? :S
i guess.
that’s it for the happy stuff LOL
fail eh? :

i need some PIILLSSS
druggy 8)
stole this off someone’s xanga…AHAHA

my hair is longer than that πŸ˜€

One thought on “blame it on the superstition

  1. *patpats*i think in grade 12 i failed every single test in Chem XD prolly cuz i knew there was always a retestand i always got lucky for not studying for half the stuff i was takingit’s ok to procrastinate now!dont follow mei worked KINDA hard until grade 11now the procrastination has built up mighty bigboyi’m not even just failing CLASSES anymorei’m failing 2nd year in university!

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