thanks for reminding me why i loved FAMA.

the end,
nothing is better than that HAHAHA

but this isn’t the point.
i unno what to say, too much going through my head.
i said something i shouldn’t
scared that the more i try to “cover up” the more it will seem like a lie…
but you know, i didn’t really mean it that way
and what is done is done and there’s no point in making a big deal out of this
maybe alcohol IS bad,
maybe i should tend towards the clear side of me when i’m inbetween the state of drunk and awake,
and maybe ppl are just pretending.
what now?
now that i’ve made a mess of things, that not even a the hugest roll of paper towel will fix it.
you know what!?
it’s my own fault.

2molo is a new day!!!

emotions bottled up, dislikeee


One thought on “thanks for reminding me why i loved FAMA.

  1. no good comment to give so *hugs* it happens to everyone – that moment of unclarity dissipated by the atmosphere nothing can really be covered up so lets walk on together soldierwiiiiiiiiiiiiii soldiers HOP TWO THREE FOURFORWARD TWO THREE FOURMARCH TWO THREE FOUR… i don’t actually know how they march…

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