I guess this year’s Valentine’s Day wasn’t that bad after all ♥

lets just have a run down of my dad and i’ll write about each section of the dayy.

i woke up after around, 10+ hours of sleep LOL
lets just say i knew it was a gonna be a good day when i saw the BRIGHT BRIGHT sun 😀
and that ment F.I.R. @OZone concert at night was an absolute GO.

okay. i had tutor,
yea that was gay.
and it was calculus too.
even worst.
i’ll just take it as, for the Year of the Tiger since i went to tutor i will do better in class lor…..

went home and this was the start of my 5 hour wait till F.I.R
and in between i watch the olympics LOL
figure skating? CHINA PWNED.
roflll sorry i must abandon Canada on this one,
China, PWNED.

Video called with family in HK.
aww man so cute :’)
saw my Po Po,
and all my aunts together, X)
so sweet lor!!!

got to OZone,
found Joce and her like 10th friend named Tiffany LOL
then squished my way through to them LOL

8:30pm (and onwards)
we saw a lot of martial arts performances,
and then there was some Bei-Jing China man that was rapping and singing,
i bet no one there knew who the hell he was and just cheered anyways…
then there were some ppl that were singing lar,
i mean i can’t blame them, chinese new year, singing, MEHH

the lights were down,
the band was setting up,
the excitement builds up.
nothing but “fir fir fir fir fir…” going through my head.

show starts.
IS IT?! IS IT?!! F.I.R.!?!!
no. it was so other guy. CHERRRRR.

this time, it REALLY is F.I.R
dude that was fun,
i’ve never sang so loud in public before LOL
like i KNEW i was gonna sound bad,
and i KNEW that i would not be pronouncing the words properly
and i KNEW that i would probably be speaking the WORST mando in my life LOL
but hey, i let my soul run free 🙂
um, they sang, 我要飛, 你的微笑, Lydia, We Are.
and hey, they were just missing that ONE song 😉

yea i started to lose track of time,
they dude said they were gonna be signing at that CBC tent thing,
and so Joce and Tiffany and I squished our way to the tent,
but when we got there it was like ppl ocean ppl sea lor.
and then we say RONNY.
yea haven’t seen you in a long time lar!
and so, since it was so nice meeting him
he was to be my last 2 hour Valentine’s of the night ❤ 🙂
then we gave up on the signing tent and headed to Pearl Castle to get a drinks
but joce and tiffany left, and ronny ditched his friends,
so that left just Ronny and I 😉
在寒冷的冬天, 我們牽著手,
and then when we got to pearl castle they were like you gotta get out by 11 =0=”
so we just sat there with bbt cuz hot drinks take longer,
and i must say
memories are coming back lar!
this is what we missed that time we went to Richmond Center in Grade 8
aww man, so sweet,
and i must say, our relationship must me THAT special to be able to do this,
no one can compare!
then we walked back to OZone area and my dad picked me up lu!

but HEY! thanks for making this year’s Valentine’s day so special lar!
never thought this would happen LOL
and so, i must conclude,

This year’s Valentine’s Day

wasn’t so bad after all

dedicate this song for you Ronny!!!
if i still remember correctly,
it was SEPTEMBER23TH/ 2005. ♥


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