and i thought this week was tough…

MONDAY: math test part 1
WEDNESDAY: bio test  , group pictures after school
THURSDAY: volunteer for chem
FRIDAY: math test part 2
SATURDAY: LPI test round2

yay, this is SOOOO FUUNNNN
save me…
so much work to do,
no time to slack off,
maybe i’ll just trap myself in a box,
cuz you know, the effects of facebook and msn are PRETTY deadly…
i think i was actually happier when there was NO internet downstairs D:
cuz then i can actually homework downstairs without getting distracted lor,

lets talk about what i did today 🙂



yea, i would of thought that everything would be WAAYYY better than last year,
last year was like this

ppl: so how was the mando challange?
ppl, dude i wasn’t asking about guys, i was asking how the test was…

this year,
yea you hear me,
(i OBVIOUSLY will talk about the guys first…)
they were just like any average asian guys that you would see on no.3 road or like, aberdeen,
or like Pearl Castle on friday nights,
none of them were like, OMMGGGG
(okay on to the test)
obviously mando 11 would be easier than mando 12 gah lar,
but, i unno,
reading: OKAY LAR, i mean i got most of the answers,
writing: YOU KNOW WHAT, screw that…
listening: oh god, is it just me or do the ppl speak faster noww!?!! D:< WHY.
speaking: HELL YES. i think we did better than most of the groups there lor 😀 no stops at all and more then 5 minutes all at once 🙂

i think this sums it up 😀
my was all good, and
i WAS planning to go watch avatar on imax 3D,
but i guess…
too late lar gwa…


3 thoughts on “*cries*

  1. Wow, sounds like you’ve got a busy week. I guess I’m part of the Math test thing. =.= how annoying.Omg, you havent seen Avatar yet? You should see it. It’ll blow ur mind away! lol It’s not too late!

  2. lol so that’s what you do at an mandarin challenge exam xDo-o don’t worry, you still have another four or five years of no life to go… or just no slacking 😀 good pracitce to do it now xD

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