yea, i’m lazy.

winter break has been…
alright so far i guess,
i haven’t done much than stay at home LOL
and not doing any hw either…
which is even worst,
and i’ve FINALLY took the initiative to write xanga,
keke 🙂
well, that’s only cuz i’m starting to develop a problem…
yea! 🙂
express our feelings on xanga!! woot woot!
and then everyone reads it…KEKEKE =____,=”

this bizarre loneliness?
the search for a certain position in my life,
but in return i get unwanted attention from the wrong character…
oh what to do ,
what to do…

E N V I O U S.


i eat the “pang-kick” :)

i like to eat the pang-kick 😀
i love it LOL
not only will we get pang-kick,
but it’s the last day before

☃ W I N T E R

B R E A K ❄

i’m really really needing this break,
need to catch up when i’m in the mood to work,
need to think about what to do with my life,

“Need more friends with wings,
All the angels I know,
Put concrete in my veins

save me,

oh wow :)

me: 我係”飄碼 “粉絲!!!
mom: 哦, PUMA?
dad: 我以為你話 “燒賣” 粉絲…
mom: 我都係呀…
me: 雪櫃唔係仲有一袋燒賣咩? *pulls out small bag from freezer*
mom: 我以為你咁快就知道我賣左燒賣teem X) *opens fridge and pulls out HUGE bag of 燒賣*
me: HAHAH WTF?!?!!?

SOOO glad i wasn’t hung over at LPI,
or else i would of fucked myself over,
oh my godd!!! ♥

we’re black! >:O

yea I know I feel like a totall NERD.

I hate bio yea I know
So dads pass on the Y chromosomes, no SHIET.
But mommas don’t pass on  X chromosomes, hm
Now that’s strange, so APPARENTLY they pass on MITOCHONDRIA
And since Africa was so dry, we were almost extinced,
ALMOST, if the Africans never made it, then there would have been NNOO HUMANS,

No big bang, that’s sad LOL

And then those Africans left AFRICAAA!!!
when there was the ice age,
some of the water levels started to decrease
and ppl WALKED down to like asia and stuff
and them some of the ppl ended up in the area of Australia!
dude, ROVE’S ancesters are black LOL
yea i’m still facinated,
and of course, from africa to australia didn’t take like a year or something,
it took like millions of years~
so, our black mother/father’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s KID’S  kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s…(you get the point) got to australia

i give up talking abnot this LOL

gotta party this feeling away…

I´m talking about – everybody getting crunk crunk
Boys trying to touch my junk junk
Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk drunk
Now now – we goin til they kick us out out
Or the police shut us down down
Police shut us down down
Po-po shut us –

man this week was FAST,
report cards…MEH
i feel so “emo” when i’m in pressure and stressed,
cuz dude, during chem test, i felt so scared,
cold sweat and shit,
oh my…

LPI is coming up on saturday,
Language challenge January 30th,
wat else? :S

i’m so LONELYY,.
i’ve got no bbboodddyyyy
all on my onneeee

hamster voice X)