oh my, day light saving is BACK.
which means, the sky is dark at around 6,
which also means the OFFICIAL start of the term…


i dong like it,
yes lemme repeat


lets get on with the Halloween details 🙂

9:00am woke up to go eat breakfast at mcdix with dad,
10:30am went to school to change binders cuz i grabbed the wrong one 😦
and to my suprise…the chinese school school there looked PRETTY DIFFERENT YO!
saw that downstairs Dwing’s gate were close, cuz i’m SMART i went up stairs through the doors there every second telling myself “the doors better not be locked, the doors better not be locked…” and they weren’t! 😀 i felt so bad sneaking into the school like this >:) MUAHAHAHAH
10:45am sat at home watching THE OFFICE, and SCRUBS, when i was really supposed to be cleaning my room or doing some hw…I’M BAD 🙂 cuz i waste my time </3
12~12:45pm started getting ready for mando, was talking to joce on msn, and texting justin and steph X) discussing about APE. oh damn she’s sexy 😉
1~3:30pm in short, i spent two and a half hours sitting there doing NOTHING! 😀 how fun 🙂
3:45~5:30pm got home and did nothing AGAIN! 😀
5:45pm (ish) i planned to wear those 3D movie glasses along with my ARALE costume/look but it failed cuz when i attempted to but on some cons, i failed </3 it was pretty depressing…
6:35pm got to amanda’s house hung out for a little with amanda, crista, allison, joni, joni’s bf, amanda’s parentsss and joined them for dinner! 🙂 thanks amanda’s parents! X) and when i was done my dinner LO called and was like HEY OMG I’M AT THE FIREWORKS FOR FR AT MINORU GUESS WHO I SAW…(it was see lai </3 oh my LOL)
7:30pm (ish) we TOT-ed on the way to the fireworks, didn’t stay the whole time, but it will never cease to amaze me :’) and then we continued to TOT
9:15pm got back to amanda’s house said hi to her parents, and warmed up a little, then someone rang their door bell and amanda and i rushed to see who it was, and when we openned it we saw, DION, MARTIN and some dude, and when i asked they told me it was ERIC EDWARDS it was actally OLIVER. happy birthday btw 🙂 and within like 10 seconds, CHIMO, WINNI, TIFFANY, CURTIS MAY (don’t remember who else) all came in a crowd and it was pretty awesome X) and then i saw my dad come by, so i leftt 😛

and THAT was my Halloween` 09


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