what a feeling.

yea, my ass and thighs hurt,
not a pleasant feeling…
but hey,
no pain, no gain i guess :
i feel like i’m 60 yrs old </3
dude, that’s like a 43 year difference,
can’t wait till next week eh?  YAY!

went to watch 2012 today 😛
not bad, not bad,
have to find a time to watch “New Moon” :

OH WELL, my dad doesn’t like watching movies at the theater now cuz
“we have a new tv”, “the images look better at home”, “the sounds’ better at home”, “there’s sub titles”


my ass hurts </3


yan is happy cuz hell week is over 🙂
but…that also means repoart cards are coming out,
and it’s time to post marks up to SFU lu…
future is scary 😦

on a lighter note, lets comment on my classes and all those stupid projects and stuff =___,=”

Math: *sighhh* doing it for the third time now seems so chilled, but then making some stupid mistakes and calling the answer out loud in class is PRETTY embarrassing…BUT! i am getting a good mark, and that’s all i care about 😀
Bio: switched blks mah! class is pretty fun now, there’s more ppl i know, but the thing that surprises me is, if i’m getting 77% in class right now when i don’t try, what if i DO try? : hm…to spend more time on bio, or not to spend more time…
Calc: i swear even though i got to tutor for calc, and i’m SUPPOSED to get it, i don’t. i mean, the limits stuff was pretty straight forward, but WORD PROBLEMS. i don’t like </3 oh well. like math, as long as i’m getting a good mark I LIKE.
Phy: shit, i didn’t get HALF the stuff he said, and i guess now i learned that if i really wanted to understand it, i gotta ask byres. and i’m VERY VERY proud of that, cuz man oh man, from being CLUELESS about what i’m doing to beating and MOST unexpected person on the test, WOW. i rock. and you know byres isn’t such a bad person anyways, it’s jsut that his instructions are CRAP. like seriously, crap. but VERY nice person in generall 🙂 ADD OIL!
Eng: oh my, god, SO BORING, that’s really all i have to say lor. i guess class is fine, Lo siu switched into my class, kicking Karen off her seat LOL so mean X)
Chem: i guess…i’m doing pretty good gwa, switched into crista’s class and i guess i’m kinda having the same problem as she is in class, and not REALLY into class and stuff : GOTTA WORK HARDER! be different and exceptional.
Jap: i’m acutally doing worst than i did previous years LOL, SCREW IT, go mando challenge 8) um, no, not mando CLASS. hellz yehhh! sitting with Lo siu in class, and oh my the amount of camwhore that goes onn X)

and so had the bantam wrap up on friday, and i must say, the most fun was camwhoring with LO and FUNG LOL
hell that was so funny ROFL
but i really wish i was at “muu-da”‘s party lor,
but my DAD was being a BIETCHH…hmp

erm, started badminton at c2 this morning,
didn’t expect to see STEVIE there oh wow LOL
and embarrassed myself AGAIN! 😀
you know doing that is fun =____=”
and now i have like week legs and chipped a nail,
fk that hurt D:<

and wat’s next?
yay! i’m so happy i’m crying.
and watching a movie…KEKKEKEKEK
new fucking moon!!!

HELL YEA! i lifted the laptop in the AIR,
to cam whore with,
cuz we’re that FLY.

hm, i wonder who that is,

hell week

it’s ALMOST over,
at least chem lab, physics lab and bio is done lar…
now all that’s remaining iss….

– english short story test
– chem retest, math test, calculus test, physics retest
– bio test SOON TO COME.

arg, shit…

gonna be watching New moon soon 😀
can’t wait till the week is over >_____>


係因為, 我好似做錯左啲野…
明知係錯, 但係偏偏同自己講大話…

如果你讀唔明, 覺得好複雜,
係因為, 我個問題根本就好複雜…

唔可以發生既事, 最好保持永遠都唔發生.

我絕對, 絕對. 唔可以中意你.

did i really say that?

apparently when i was tipsy, (i remember this btw)

i start making PHYSICS jokes,
asking what the coefficient of friction was between the table and table cloth.
martin replies…”you know you’re drunk when  you start making physics jokes”

and apparently i asked chris,
“chrisss, what is the coefficient of friction on the kiwi??” *apply tipsy ariel tone*


school, school, school.

school’s tough mang…

math; is boring,
bio; takes too much work
calculus; is too hard to understand,
physics; is just a pain in the ass
english; isn’t worth my time
chem; too much thinking and stress
japanese; too much memorizing,

i unno, i listed the cons,
lets see the pros..

math; i did it summer, i SHOULD GET IT
bio; i don’t give a shit, maybe i’ll just slack off
calculus; i go to tutor?
physics; class is fun!? ( sorry, can’t think of one </3)
english; now we enjoy literature? (can’t think of one either)
chem; mc cracken is cool?! (failed.)
japanese; class is EPIC.

maybe PRETENDING to understand bio doesn’t really help…