ah`MAY! zing

lets start with sunday πŸ˜€

October25: Sunday
went to dinner with dad’s friends for his birthday
went to the place across from aber? where TnT is πŸ™‚
yum yum yum πŸ™‚

October26: Monday
went home, got changed and  did some hw 😦
cuz i’ll be too busy at the GARY CHAW CONCERT!!!
met Caren at aber,
then we sky trained to DT
and then walked around Pacific Center πŸ™‚
then we went to eat some Malaysian fooddd
yumyum πŸ˜€
after, we walked to THE CENTER.
and got in πŸ™‚
went to the washroom lar, got out glowsticks and a bunch of random stuff X)
saw nick lok there as the sikQ
went to our seat, and the the concert with a whole bunch of random ads LOL
oh gawd, the concert was GREAT
some of the ppl around me kept yelling the name η”°!!!
lol and the good thing was that Gary was really open about the topic.
and then he sang a lot of songs, and his  mimicking is really good!
like 弡學友, and εŠ‰εΎ·θ― HILLARIOUS. i LUH IT.
and then he told us the story about him and his wife and so sweet lar! X)
after the concert we went to starbux to grab a drink cuz i was fucking cold ><
and we walked back to the skytrain to go to the station and for my dad to pick us up, and GO HOME.
cuz there’s school 2molo πŸ˜₯

*i’ll just skip the middle and write about the INTERESTING days LOL*

October30: Friday
oh my β™₯
everyone was all dressed up and looking pretty! X)
and for ppl that didn’t dress…YOU SUCK </3
and so many guys dressed up as girls this year it’s kinda…scary.
and there were a lot of other different awesome costumes πŸ˜€
and i was 小雲 but OBVIOUSLY, no one knows </3 LOL
and edwin was fucking hot, i just had to say that πŸ™‚
*look how my last 5 sentences started with “and”  :D*

and that was a PART of my week,
and gonna talk about my TOT stuff later πŸ™‚

luh you.

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