too lazy :)

not writing in chinese this time LOL
so lazy X)
and yes i’m aware that i forgot to update last week,
sorry LOR. 😀
i’ll just write what i remember 😀

lastLASTfriday: oct16
everyone lookin’ good 🙂
with them plaid shirts, suspenders, knee high socks, shirt tucked in, and last, NERD GLASSES 8)
we all looked so smexy ;D

oct.19~21 was RSSAA
and since i’m the T.PAC of bantam
singles: Fiona got 2nd
doubles: Fiona + Tiffany got 3rd
brandonLEUNG, came lol
camwhored so muchh O__O
oh mang,

went to Fai’s house on friday (PRODday)
drinking, drinking, drinking
Lo turned high
i was emo,
and um, she was dead LOL
went to dinner later
but that was a fail…
went to pearl castle with mia yoana amanda and joce

saturday at mandoo lor 😦
no big deal

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