continuing the HK trip

yum cha with grandpa,
so much food =__=” wtf…
went out to buy chicken wings for my birthday party
and went home to prep,
and apparently my mom is going to hang out with her elementary school friend
oh yea, that’s right ELEMENTARY.
went yum cha. AGAIN…
didn’t eat a lot,
but ended up walking around MK
when we left the dim sum place we ran into a few famous ppl LOL
don’t really remember their names by heart =o=”
so then we walked
and ate 許留山! mangos ftw X)
went home took a shower,
put on some make up
and went out for a dinner with my mommy’s old co-workers
eugene哥哥, mandy姐姐, uncle alfred, and some ppl who i forgot their names LOL
but since it wasn’t time yet, uncle alfred too us to this restaurant, Malaysian? viet? not sure
and i asked for a 雪糕紅豆冰,
and instead of a a tall cup with 紅豆
it was a small bowl with a shit load of 紅豆
and 花奶, and 雪糕, and a block of ice…
then we headed to the official restaurant
yumm yumm mangg!!
and the adults still wanted to talk so we went to a near by hotel’s bar thing…
and chatted longer
and went homeee

my birthday BBQ thingg!! 😀
in the morning, i acutally don’t remember what happen…
but i think i went out with my parents for a while
and came home
and they realized that they were missing some stuff
so they went to go buy it,
then i helped my mom prep.
and headed out to go pick up justin to teach him where to go
and jocelyn was uber late LOL
went up without her
when i got there
everyone was there alreadyy
kids wise it was dustin, katrina, justin, eva, joce, me, and does aidan count? ._______.
for adults, dustin+katrina’s parents, eva’s parents, aunt +husband, my parents, this relative, yeh yeh + mah mah, poh poh, and 5 yee

in the begining justin, eva and i were this little clique,
but then, i started to invite dustin and katrina in,
and then justin tried to be the man
by telling ppl that he has never lost in rock paper scissors
eva lost to him and had to hand him his drink LOL
um, we bet with dustin and katrina,
things started to get warmer,
then justin decided to play, picking tooth picks… yea…
and last we wanted cards but they dunno where they are so we went to 百佳
to buy cards
and cuz my aunt was right…
it was useless,
the one near her house sells NOTHING.
so we went back up, and on the way up
we found a box of, um…”hanging people on a tree” type game
where you have to hang stuff and it can’t topple over,
that got everyone close and friendly
then joce came
then i decided to go get a box to, “stab the knife into the barrel” stitch version,
but some of the knives were missing,
so justin decided to play hide and seek
and that lasted for so long
omg so fun X)
thanks for the massage justin ;))
but the sad thing was
i hit my thigh on the stupid door handle
and now, there’s a fucking huge ass PURPLE bruise there…
uh yea
that’s right.

in the morning ate some food with uncle and mah mahh
and then after went yumcha with 牛丸姐姐,
and after thaatttt
walked around these mk places with my parents,
made them go to 信和 with me
and i got new rockstar clay! 😀
yay X)
then my mommy and i went homee,
and later that day went to pick up aidan at school
dropped him off at his housee
and then went to aunt’s house to play with dogss
then went out for dinner 😀
ate sushi again LOL

went out later that night to HMV with uncle =O=”
so late…

hm that was only 3 days…
6 more to go! 😀


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