it scares me to realize.

okay hk + tw blog with be further delayed

direct quote:

“…well i think the numbers are gonna go down now,
cause one, my dad needs to work,
and two, my dad’s really getting old now,
he’s starting to forget things really easily,
i’m starting to notice it,
and my mom needs to go take care of him…”

my mom’s a total bitch,
my dad’s pretty mean sometimes,
they give me a lot of pressure at school and at home,
they don’t expect me to get straight As
but they do expect a lot out of me
they yell at me alot
sometimes i vent out to my friends telling them how bitchy they are
and they agree, my mom is crazy, my dad’s a bitch sometimes
even my aunt and uncle think so,
they tell me, they only worry cause i’ve been innocent as a child.
maybe now you think my parents are evil

but deep down,
if you ask me do i love my parents?
but only today do i realize that my parents are getting old,
he’s starting to forget things easily,
even my mom said so
and i’m scared,
not cursing anything, TOUCHWOOD
but what am i gonna do if anything happens?

i’m fucking scared.


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