i hate leaving. </3

 before i continue with writing about my hk and tw trip
i would like to express some feelings 🙂

call me a loser, or tell me that i’m weak
but everytime i leave hk,
i always end up crying
not because i have to leave this AWESOME entertainment city
nor is it cuz i won’t get to shop as much as i do,
but it’s cuz i know, once i return home,
i’ll be trapped in my house,
every single fucking day,
i’ll lose all my freedom,
and one day,
not cursing anything, TOUCH WOOD,
if anything happens to my grandparents,
i don’t know what i’ll do,
everytime i go back to hk
i experience this love that’s stronger than my parents

i’ll miss you HK </3

hopefully see you next year,
if not?
see you in 2 years.
keep in touch


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