time for massive update luu~

Aug. 14
went out for dinner with my dad’s friend across the ocean LOL
then went for drinks at this restaurant
dude that place was pretty cool yo!
it has a ps2, cad, balls table,
pretty place,
and HELL,
hk parking lots are scary D:<
oh god…

Aug. 15
walked around mk to look for a torch for my mommy LOL
jk πŸ˜›
went to the beach ar! πŸ˜€
yay-ness X)
afterwards went home to eat congee and noodles
yum mang~
but so full
and at night went to my aunt’s house for sleep over ❀
kekek slept with momo and sai Lo
woke up in the middle to the night to find momo licking my face
i was like wtf wtf wtf?!?!

Aug. 16
went out with Aunt and AidanBB to ε°–ζ²™ε˜΄
and ate mcDix with him AHAHAHA
cute stuff manng X)
when you tell him to do the peace sign he does a hi5 hand bwhahahaha
then aidan and “ah wah” went home~
and aunt and i walked around X)
went to εˆδΈ€ζˆ and ate sushii
LOG ON. ftw~
ate dinner with 曉樺lang lui again
good times yo 8)
fuck i love you evaa

Aug. 17
went to ε°–ζ²™ε˜΄ with parentss
another pair of Doctor Martens β™₯
leather boots are sex.
went to city super to buy steak with uncle
cuz we’re eatting…white food LOL
pretty damn good yoo!
but the steak there is so fucking $ D:<
watch the taiwan fundraiser showw πŸ™‚

next blog?
my whole tw trip
word for word from my book >:)


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