rainnn ><

dude raining so much D:

wednesday…Aug 12.
went out to eat breakfast with porpor 🙂
treated her to it too 😀
cold horlick at that restraunt was SO FUCKING GOOODDD
then went to “duk fook” to walk around,
didn’t buy anything :
met up with guuu
and went to those MK places
got this really cool ring
but i LOST IT.
 </3 er,
not good
gonnna go there to get another one 😀
only 20 hkd borrrrr  X)
walked around more,
went to 新世紀 with eva
sticky pics and dinner at the spagetti house X)
yum yumm 😉
went to go stalk FIND hot cousin
and eva’s first impression was like
rofl 8)
then that’s about it 😛

aug 13
this morning,
went to eat at fairwood 😛
then came home,
and i’ve been sitting at home for a few hours now ._.
rofl might go find momo and sai lo and AIDAN! X)
yay 😀

i need to find something to do…

for the first few hours after she changed my stat,
i felt really evil and happy
but please know,
that i couldn’t stand knowing that you’ll be reading thinking WTF?!
i still care and “guan sum” you

where are you?


One thought on “rainnn ><

  1. Horlick! SHIIIIT good shit bro! ahahahWHAT!? you lost rings! OH MY! : (Eva?? eh? oh lalallala xD ahahahahCousin…tsk tsk tsk. I’ll yell on the phone when you get back bitch! ahgahah!But I’m sure you got something to yell at me. ahahah. Seriousily, I need you to yell at me. (FB INBOX)FAIRWOOD! SHIT! ASIAN MCDONALDS. ahahah! That’s how I called it. ahahaha.Something to do? Shopping? Ducks? ahahahha!o_________O” disappointment! “guan sum” my ass! PLEASE! GOD! welcome to reality! YUNNNNNNNN FUCK ME! I’m here bitch! lawl!

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