HK09` day #2

you know,
hk isn’t really that hot
it’s just humid ==…
and wet arg?

i’m sorry i had to say this,
but then i went to my PORPOR’S hows for dinner,
2BIU-GOR is fucking hot,
i know that sounds incredibly wrong,
but dude, good looking 😉

my grandparents think my hair looks good 😉

plane ride was alright,
was writing in my book the whole time
finally finished that story i promised chanel 😀

day 1
didn’t do much,
walked around alot 😛
was planning to go to this beach or lake or w.e it is to swim…
but it started raining DOG SHIT,
yea lets all save some water and go out to take a shower =o=””
gah, so gay…
went to porpor’s house for dinner,
went home,
sleep sleep sleep

day 2
this morning
went to eat jook with yeh-yeh, mama and uncleeeeeee
then came home,
and how i’m hogging the comp 😀
replying all my messages 🙂
watching harry potter again tonight 🙂

fk, vince i need you, my punching bag </3
i’m thinking bad things again ><

update more later 🙂
ps. getting a lap top 😀


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