count with my fingers.

the numbers which you are coming back have decreased
so small, i can count them all with one hand X)

nothing much really happened yesterday and today…
friday, didn’t go to badminton again
1. it’s so hot there D:<
2. i was really tired :

was supposed to go change my elastics for braces today
but it got moved till next week along with another haircut HAHA
did nothing really till like, 4 and went out to watch HP
i don’t get why ppl didn’t like hp D:<
it was so awesome!!


when dumbledor died….arg </3
and the line when harry yelled at snape
“he trusted you!” arg, total sad-ness 😥
i like the movie LOL
and the scariest thing was,
when we left the theater,
the sky was so gloomy outside, and raining, and lightning + thunder
perfect scene and mood for dumbledor (r.i.p.)
and hell,
the sunset tonight was so strange D:<
there was a time when the whole sky was like orangy-red with an occasion spark of lightning
very cool,
i shall upload pics on fb ahaha

almost done summer school ><
lets get this shit over and done withhh!!


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