Love Life.

today’s weather?
i found this really cute pic of 范范 and 黑人
oh my, they’ve been dating for like 8 years now,
and their cover pic for “Love Life” is so cute ><
i heard that when they get married
they’re gonna use it as their wedding pic X)

first of all,
*points at dabi*
i miss you damn it X__X
❤ 🙂

oh my,
got my test back..
i did even worst..
screw logs 😡
oh well,
i need to do well on 2molo’s test ><
gonna hang out with susanna and tanaz 2molo,
stupid sin and cos – v –

after school went to go teach Justin biugor math
so we went to my house to grab my math12 “bible”
and on the way home,
he almost killed me! 😀
how fun….LOL
but dude,
i wasn’t worried about getting killed for some reason….
i was worried that he got a ticket…
i’m a bad kid 😦
Justin: ” i bet ur bf drives safer”
Me: “CH`YEA!”
got down some of the math stuff with him,
after he left,
i watched the second last ep of 棒棒堂
i’m so sad it’s gonna end soon….
what am i gonna do everyday!? LOL

段情 顆心個字 我愛你

聊時 就出去 待每天在一起

不得 黏著你 這樣的不分離



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