2 more weeks

omg, so hot today X___X

i’m half done,
too late to give up
i’ll be fine,
i’ll make it 8)
i promise >:)

we did another test,
and this time,
i’m VERY confident that i fucked up
it’s that bad that i need to swear….yes
had a pretty funny class today X)
compared to last year i actually made some new friends 😀
not making it sound like i’m a loner..
but i kept to myself last year 🙂
met Tanya, Meiko, and Susanna 😛
anyways we moved on to proving….
we need some “POOF” for “POOF-ING”
that’s right 8)
was gonna go beaching with susanna and tanaz
but ended up eating lunch with susanna at GOGO 🙂
then went home,
chilled with her,
watched TV and almost fell asleep
went out of buy icing,
made cupcake
asked if justin Biu Gor wanted to come get some
but SOOMMEEEOONNNEEE was scarred by No.4 and Cambie….
i should be scarred =____=”
triple chocolate ftw 😉
went out to parker for dinner…
but i only ate toast….and drank bbt?
so full = 3 =”
didn’t go to badminton,
and piano got moved to tonight,
2molo morning going on a road tripp!!!
for 2 days 🙂
another bikini? another pair of converse?!?! MORE SHORT SHORTS?!
thats right 8)
i should bring my camera with me this time :

damn it,
too many C300 every where D:<
</3 thats not good 😦


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