ouch ><

i had a test todayyy D:
i think i did HORRIBLE
gayest thing was,
when i was erasing, i had a pencil in my hand,
and i totally scratched my finger with the “carbon lead”
damn it,
so clumsy….
didn’t go home right away
cuz tanaz kinda ran off..
so hung out with edwin and caren and winni šŸ˜›
curtis got a ride home cuz jonathan got his N =_____=”
so i got him at like 1…
and decided to work out…
did a lot of squats and now my thighs hurt…
was talking to Eva about what we’re gonna go together in hk
hahaha, comment on how my chinese probably sucks now LOL
*sigh* i’m half a CBC now šŸ˜„
and then watched as my dad try to kill w.e is in my yard D:<
get to Ms.M and she gave me some lemon pie she made
so good ā¤ LOL
and got home,
and right now…
at 11:36pm
i started doing hw LAWL šŸ™‚

i tired…..damn it.


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