cuz we’re related! X)


there is only 4 words to describe that day…


very fun.
so much fun i wanna barf.


what else could i do today?
go to summer school of course =_____=
and then we go out mouse problem solving and test mark back
yay for the mouse thing cuz i got 8/8 but for the test,
i’ve never felt so asian before…
i got 37/44, and i felt sad.
i feel horrible LOL
no not cuz i got a “bad” mark,
but i can’t believe i got so many wrong…
just one more mark and i would of had an A…
damn it
and now we’re gonna start trig…
and since justin need help with math
we went to the library to meet up with susanna (new friend keke)
but justin was complaining so we went to happy date to eat
went back to library,
i worked on hw
while susanna taught justin math,
then saw NOODLE there, ahahaha
nice seeing you man 8)
*apparently someone pulled the first alarm at burnett afternoon summer school*
worked more-ish,
kept talking to alvin LOL
then when i was done and dad was asking if i was going home yet,
made alvin drive me home
secrets 😉

got made fun of today >:'(
yan: alvinn hhurrrryyy uppp!!!!
alvin: okayokayy
yan: where did you park?
susanna: in the parking lot DUH.
yan: D’:
Justin + alvin + susanna: roflmfao
yan: WHHATT?! i was hoping for a more specific answer…
alvin: hey, you asked a vague question, so i answer you vaguely X)
*continues roflmfao*
yan: >:'(

my gosh X)

“when fisball is thrown down from the sky,
butter will fly to the sky”

love ur jokes noodle LOL

DABII arrr ><
miss you lots!!!

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