crazy bus drivers…

The Weather Today:

cloud, cloud and more cloud. at least it’s bright! 😀

math is boring like usual,
and i have a freakin math test 2molo.
fun stuff! =____,=”
and another test on tuesday, HAHA…
did some review today,
did exponent stuff….
and that was it :
but i’m totally wtf-ed cuz some ppl get of class at like 11:15
the “old woman” didn’t know what 2^3 was… 😦
it made me very very sad…

well, when the 410 got to rc,
they switched bus drivers to this fat fat woman…
and omg, does she suck a driving,
she breaks at the last second, and all of us are like crashing into someone…
and gayest was when we were on garden city,
apparently the bus infront of us broke down,
and the ppl on the previous bus had to crowd on,
and as a smart child that i am (lol)
i walked over to the door so i don’t have to push my way there later
and as you know there this piece of plastic glass thinger on both sides of the back door
and i was standing behind the one closer to the front,
and because the fat lady was such a HORRIBLE driver,
she breaked at the last second,
and i “fell” towards the plastic,
rebounded off that hit the pole behind me,
and almost hit the plastic again…

i stood at home for like a hour,
scrubing my converse X)
and now i’m happy cuz i know they’re clean 😀
yay-ness X)
gonna go get yellow laces from my purple converse from chanel


you know what else is worth a ???
knowing that ur dad apparently has fb,
and ur relatives are trying to get to you
and you have to start hiding stuff and making friends list,
until you realized that you can’t hide ur profile pic…
oh freakin’ sucks..


2 thoughts on “crazy bus drivers…

  1. haha dang.i’m surrounded by a bunch of people who don’t know shitLIKE ME!!!!1!111! ;Dbut i think i get it so far, we`re starting exponents/logirithms tmr.i probably spelled that wrong…logarithms? i think thats right… k W/E LOL.

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