the weather day:

 its freakin` COLD and CLOUDY πŸ˜₯

and so we start off the day with me waking up at 6:45am
and when we got to burnett.
H O L Y  S H I T ._________.
the amount of cars there were…unexplainable LOL
went in to my class,
saw some familiar faces
lets just skip to when class started πŸ™‚

so this asian man walks in,
and at first i thought it was my math tutor
and then we told us his name was mr.TANG
sounds like ms PENG
much!? *shiver*
as you can assume,
this guy has a heavy accent…lawl?
we spent the whole class working on transformations X____X
we have a TEST ever 4 days!? erm…
so much hw ar…
saw a lot cambie ppl today
and saw dabi’s friends, dawn, and johnison (but he didn’t see me)

oh my, in that short 3 and a half hour of class
i think i found our “HIPPO” boys and girls…
arg… =___=


2 thoughts on “Day1

  1. ahaha well i gotta get a phone card when i get to HK , and then i`m gonna call jocelyn and ask her for ur numbaa ! well i get to hk on the 15th at night i think , and then 2 or 3 days later i`m going to taiwan for 4 days .then someday i`m going to big6 ==’ , and macau , so basically i have like … 1.5 weeks of hk time 😦 i`ll try to hang w/ u as much as i can la ! πŸ˜›

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