2 days in ONE blog :D

heyy, i just realized that yesterday was the
“U-S of A” DAY!
okay so,
the day starts out with me painting my nails at like..
1am 😀
and watching drama LOL
after i woke up, and went out to buy groceries…
we went home and my mommy said LETS DO SOME HIGHLIGHTS IN UR HAIR!
and so i sat there
after rinsing and drying my hair,
the streaks were THIS COLOUR
okay…maybe not that orange,
but you get the point =o=”
and so, we had to go out and get NEW hair dye to fix it
=___,=  mang, my hair is s fried now…
went out for b-day dinner for my mom’s friend,
went home, ate cake, and veggies!?
and fell asleep unintentionally X)

i woke up.
HAHA, i keep waking up at like 5 in the morning by accident

we were walking around rc and we saw


then went out to watch transformers with crista and roddyy
just got home,
and now i have this huge, fucking, headache.

omg summer school 2molo :O


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