stupid c class >:'(

yes, that instinct is coming back =___=”
every single time a c class
i just have to look…
haha, so smart 😀

so, i woke up at 8:45am this morning…
no clue why, (oh wow, mom just bitched at me…)
turned on my comp, went on msn
and guess what i hear from DABI? 😀

(9:02 AM) – Кєℓνιи У. ★ 5209♡.魚蛋B ┤: what are u doing up so early?
U want me to kill u ?

oh thats just wonderful 🙂
i love you too, ahahaha
after dabi when to sleep,
i got tired
and then slept till like, 12?!
then i thought that it would be a GREAT IDEA
to play with coffee foam! 😀
fun stuff,
and then i took the initiative to throw some junk in my room away
oh boy, did i find some really cute stuff LOL
took a shower, went out to eat sushi at BANZAI
ahahaha, everytime i go there its gonna remind me of that certain date ;D
and now i’m here, typing this

oh summer schooll,
where are yyoouu?? 😉


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