sudden realization,,,


my life is better than urs

you suck.
why don’t you go kill urself!


help? *crosses out* :D

maybe i panic too much,
or maybe i have breathing problems

i find myself holding my breath too often now
i find myself unable to breathe at times

i must be strange. πŸ™‚

screw it, i think too much,
i am relieved
huge happy face just for the heck of it

what a loser :D

lol you’re sillyy X)

next time don’t press the garage button lar!
it won’t work πŸ˜‰

and next time,
you’re gonna be wearing my skinny jeans lol
and i get ur true religions
lets see what you look like ;D

love you silly πŸ™‚

FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009
i think summer is the only time
when i’ll post so many in a week =o=”

SO! lets start πŸ™‚

dabi was supposed to come to my house but he didn’t and thats alright X)
yushan came to my house after handing in her chem
dyed my hair (very, very, unsuccessful)
ate, and went to RC! πŸ˜€
and that was it LOL

was supposed to go hang out with dabi
but its all good lol
wanted to dye my hair again..
gonna do it again next week…. *shiver*
it has to work this time >:|
went to go get a hair cut
oh shit, it looks so sexy this time LOL
lets just say, i’m ready for summer 8)
went to steveston area with uncle,
and got FEATHERS in my hair =o=”
then went to eat sushi…
and the amazing part of this whole day is….
i never knew my family was so musical .____.

fathers day,
what to do….what to do….

end: `09 exams

man, i’m pretty sure i did bad on my exams yo .__.
but HEY!

yes, yes, i’ma happy person
and now, my summer can officially start! πŸ™‚

but then again…
that also means i’m gonna be in grade 12 =o=”
can we…not?!

i learned a lesson today.

so today after the biology exam,
yushan and I went to the aber area to hang out.
what else to do but go to the arcade and buy some candy?
and we i decided to buy some of that super sour candy,
and something i ate on saturday (teehee)
and then we left, LOL

and sitting at the bus stop in front of chevron,
i decided to eat my CHUPA-CHUPSΒ©
i watched as yushan opened her strawberry one,
and slowly, i decided that i should open mine too.

and suprisingly,
when i opened it,
it cracked all over my lap. (HAHA…so sad  )
and then i realized something,

in life,
just because someone got that perfect lollipop
and yet you sit there with broken pieces and shards of lollipop,
this doesn’t mean your life sucks,
the lollipop will still be a lollipop
(physical change from science…HORHORHOR)
although the perfect lollipop will have all their sharp corners off
and you will have to eat the little pieces and shards,
nothing will change,
you still end up with a finished lollipop, a lollipop stick, and the wrapper.
so don’t fret!
life is still good even though you have to take the hard way,
the lollipop will still be sweet,
just like your life πŸ™‚