Wifi ftw!!!

Hey ya’ll everyone 🙂 i’m on steph’s phone, on wifi, in mando i’m so cool 8) lol
Went out with chanel and erick and eric and DABI 🙂 hahaha gonna update more later, thanks for phone steph! X)


i need a break.

first of all…


so glad there’s a proD day on friday
and then super long week end
this school year is passing by too fast
only a few more weeks and that it
i’m gonna be in grade12
gotta face the world yo!
i’m scared.

argg, dabi!
why are you sick? 😦
get well soon D:
makes me sad to hear you cough,
but it sounds so cool when you “hehe”
thanks for helping me buy the flowers yo!
and thanks for the flowers ;D
and thanks for being there
and thanks, and thanks, and thanks…

Morandi – Crazy world

I saw you crying yesterday
Just let me wipe those tears away
I`ll be your sun after the rain
I`ll make sure you`ll never feel the pain again..

Baby close your eyes and come with me..
In my world of dreams where love is free..
Come and hold my hand let`s get away
From this crazy world we livin` in today

Today i saw your pretty smile
It made me feel like I`m alive
You change my life forever babe`
And i`m sure I`ll never feel the same again.

//` edit @ 12 pm

call it a fear from the past,
or maybe i’m just thinking too much
but i get scared when you don’t talk to me ><

dabidabi :)

thank yous so much DABI 🙂
oh gosh you can be so corny at times,
but i like ;D


anything that i can for dabi,
cuz i know you’ll be there when i need you!
thanks for showing me that i don’t have to be scare no more
step out, face the world, nothing can go wrong.
yes, even some stalkers haha

` 5209 dabi ❤