no way…

did the “你過去的愛情是苦還是甜”
quiz on fb…
and oohh bbooyy =__,=”
my result?
“痛苦的回憶: 你很愛你的ex,也許至今也是。你們經歷過太多了。在你的回憶中,帶點甜酸的。希望你找到幸福=]加油!”
how nice to hear that my life sucks 🙂

so over whelmed with love,
if i continue am i just forcing myself?
and i starting to give in?
whats going on?
how can i reject someone so nice?
is ego more important or chance?
i don’t want to jump back into this hole again
what if what if what if?
i’m so scared.


3 thoughts on “no way…

  1. yaaay ! do u know ur cell number at HK yet ?cz i`m buying a sim card when i get there so i hv to call u after i get it .i`m not sure where i`m living .. maybe sheung wan or some other place :S i`ll know later thoo !

  2. ooh aiya … i don`t have comp in HK .the only time i can use comp is in the MTR stations HAHAHA .ummm are u gonna hang out with jocelyn ?cz then i can ur number from her or something .

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