yes i know it’s 3:37am

yes, i’m watching


and yes i’ve been watching since 12?
but the point is
i know superstition isn’t good
but the theme for that ep. was about horoscopes
and the dude said that
for 2009 libra is one of the best luck for love




i think you deserve an oscar 🙂
that was some awesome presentation mang

hey you! 🙂
you just screwed yourself both ways
cuz i heard that she doesn’t like you 😦
too bad!
you should have smartened up and listened 🙂

so sick and tired of people asking me
“are you going out with so-and-so”
i wanna say “yes”, but you’re just too stubborn 😦
oh well, its like SHE’S gonna like you .___.

hear me scream in joy pain.

fuck you.
i’m actually glad that you’re out of my life
lets leave it that way
i see you everywhere
go away

smarten up.
take me away so i don’t have to feel bad
i don’t wanna feel this pain anymore.

i want nobody, nobody

 but you

shit, i hate program planning =o=””
the time my parents yell at each other
about what i need to take and don’t need to take
what i want to do and what they want to do

oh baby,
throw away your frown, and give me a grin
cuz i’m in love with it.

i ran away from this problem;
and now it comes back to haunt me.
how nice.
let the whole world know eh?
you suck.
and i still care.