yes i know it’s 3:37am

yes, i’m watching


and yes i’ve been watching since 12?
but the point is
i know superstition isn’t good
but the theme for that ep. was about horoscopes
and the dude said that
for 2009 libra is one of the best luck for love



i think you deserve an oscar 🙂
that was some awesome presentation mang

hey you! 🙂
you just screwed yourself both ways
cuz i heard that she doesn’t like you 😦
too bad!
you should have smartened up and listened 🙂

so sick and tired of people asking me
“are you going out with so-and-so”
i wanna say “yes”, but you’re just too stubborn 😦
oh well, its like SHE’S gonna like you .___.

hear me scream in joy pain.

fuck you.
i’m actually glad that you’re out of my life
lets leave it that way
i see you everywhere
go away

smarten up.
take me away so i don’t have to feel bad
i don’t wanna feel this pain anymore.

i want nobody, nobody

 but you

shit, i hate program planning =o=””
the time my parents yell at each other
about what i need to take and don’t need to take
what i want to do and what they want to do

oh baby,
throw away your frown, and give me a grin
cuz i’m in love with it.

i ran away from this problem;
and now it comes back to haunt me.
how nice.
let the whole world know eh?
you suck.
and i still care.

shut up and let me go.

i told myself not to,
but hey,
i’ma fuckin retard remember?
i just had to

every though still kills me a little more inside.

also featured on facebook…

that was one interesting valentines day 🙂

although i was at the mando challenge that day;
although i had to wake up at 7 on a saturday;
although some parts of the mando challenge was easy;
although the oral speech part was pretty scary.

i must say,

from 9am ~ 3pm
i was trapped and surrounded by ASIAN INVASION
from HOT Taiwan Boys, to HOT China Boys, to HOT Korean Boys
at Delta Secondary School.

thanks to CLAUDIA
we both had some good “gup jai” times there 8)

and nelson just watched us 🙂

//`edit 3:47pm

this post took me half an hour to post 😡
stupid xanga…