i should REALLY set some goals for getting my homework done earlier
i’m used to the “not doing homework will 2am”
but the problem is…
i’m starting to fall asleep after that…
then waking up at 7
and end up not doing anything

oh shit? yea :


this week’s target…

  • finish all my normal school work ( which includes doing at LEAST 80% of projects except jap.) so i can go CNY partying on sunday night
  • this goes on for next week so i can watch the b-ball game on thursday! omg! ><

i can only say….
what you did today was pretty horrible
i feel so sorry for the other girl
why would you “waste” one piece of you clothing items like this?
i can only say, after i heard what you did
you are most definitely
the 八婆within the八婆 world

oh crap man.


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