ask far as i can remember
this is the F I R S T time
when i A C T U A L L Y mean “oh my god”
not like other times, where its the first phrase you think of

because i’m stuck
maybe something knowing T O O much
does kill you.
to discuss, or not to discuss?
if i just forget about it
i’ll feel guilty

so glad i talked to my whore before i acted *phew*
i mean, he had really good points
think of all sides of the problem
not just about the person, but

i hope you changed
cuz if i hear anymore things
that you did behind someone’s back
i will tell that someone
cuz she has the R I G H T
once is E N O U G H
i guess all i can do it just forget about it
and hope time passes by fast of this topic
wouldn’t be a problem anymore…


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