oh shiet :)

if you don’t wanna listen to any twilight obsession going on…
i don’t recommend reading this 🙂

just been thinking…
you know a book or movie..etc has put a mark on your life
when you realized
you’re just like that character
obsessions over a character or a guy always because you change
but a character in a book at a certain scene will always remain the same
i felt like bella during “new Moon”
i know, i know…twilight obsessions…
but there is a time when a person can get so deeply in love
and when the reason the breathe, eat, or be “normal” is gone…
what happens then?
she got into depression, i got into depression
and the more i think about it
the more i feel SORRY for myself
getting so depressed over something that is such a small fraction of life
but of course, stories like twilight always have a twist
bella will always be with edward…
as for me? and other people
life doesn’t work that way anymore
whatever is gone, is gone.
they don’t come back so easily.
stupid fairy tales…
just watch, *points down* you’ll understand 🙂


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