i lost the feeling…

i used to be so crazy and obsessed over love
but now i don’t seem to understand why and how
looking at some other people
what makes them so in love, so stuck?
what would happen if it was all just a dream that left real marks on your body, mind, and heart?

all i understand now is that its all just a feeling
when you ask them why you love him/her so much
most answers come out as
“i just do” or “its unreasonable”

i would hate you see any of you end up in the same pit was i did
it sucks
its an emotional dark ages
i’m scared

i’m so glad i have my whore with me ><


One thought on “i lost the feeling…

  1. i know this is supposed to be a deep feeling postbut i just have to comment and say”i’m so glad i have my whore with me ><” sounds like you’re sleeping around HAHA sorry sorry i’ll go away now xD& yes thank you for your opinion on my questions list =P

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