“i don’t have

the strength to


away from

you anymore”


i lost the feeling…

i used to be so crazy and obsessed over love
but now i don’t seem to understand why and how
looking at some other people
what makes them so in love, so stuck?
what would happen if it was all just a dream that left real marks on your body, mind, and heart?

all i understand now is that its all just a feeling
when you ask them why you love him/her so much
most answers come out as
“i just do” or “its unreasonable”

i would hate you see any of you end up in the same pit was i did
it sucks
its an emotional dark ages
i’m scared

i’m so glad i have my whore with me ><

I think there such thing as…TOO MUCH SNOW

remember when ur a kid?
so FLABBERGASTED (yumm  big words ) everytime it snowed
and ur parents are sitting there going “oh shit “
but you never understand
how can something so beautiful, so fun make the impression “oh shit” ?

now i understand.
– you can’t go anywhere
– its fucking cold and wet
– you try to shovel snow but it just comes bak 1 hour later
– safty first! no one wants to drive (not to mention no ASIAN family car is tall enough to get through the snow
– theres no more fucking road near your home!!!
-when you have to walk home, theres 50% that ur gonna slip…eventually

i OFFICALLY demand…

on a “happier” note…
twilight..is ADDICTION!!! D:
man….just got the book on thursday
read on friday, didn’t read saturday
and sunday…i’m half way
i still have the 3rd book too >__>

| ✈ |

every body going away 😦

will miss man whore, cuz no one make fun of me :
will miss “juujuu”, no one for me to make fun of (horhorhor) and comfort me 😦

i didn’t want to admit
but i’m gonna miss you too :
when you leave i’m really going to miss you
i already miss talking to you
i hope what man whore said was true
it will get better after the break,
after you had some time to breathe it in ><