some time now…

lets take a break
and take my mind off you and you 🙂

lets make my left just ALITTLE easier


you have to be shitting me.
ur leaving!?
6 more months and ur gone…

i’ll miss you.

shit :(

i don’t know how to hate you
nor do i know how to get pissed at you

cuz i care too much
hate me all you want
but you gave me true opinions
and appreciated ur presence
if i’m doing stupid things i’m sorry

i love hate losing my friends.


wretch. xanga. blogger.

which to use?
i guess wretch cuz then i can bitch about you all i want
and you dun have a clue what my wretch is 🙂
and its all in chinese too
so since ur white
i dun think ur comp carries chinese 😦

too bad!


i wish you guys would understand…
no matter how much you nag me to do my hw
or when to sleep
my hw will never start till like 11:30pm
so theres no use to make me do it early or forcing me to do it
it doesn’t fucking work