my fuckyous, screwyou, and where the hell are you

if this is god’s challenge for me
then i’ll accept
 i mean if i dun accept now,when will i?
but untill then…
get the fuck away from me =w=”
ur just another scary spider on my wall at night

screw you
smarten up
stopp assuming and use ur logic
i assume ur gay! so you must me!

fucking bitch where are you?
you owe me stuffff! >:'(
*sigh* not really getting sleep lately >__>
dun wanna do my hw = no sleep
thank god theres a pro-D day O__O
tired 😦
been breaking alot of stuff >___>
sad 😦 my computer lar…fone lar…
and other stuff =w=”
busy busy busyy!

add oil fellow grade 11s 🙂


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