school is almost bak…
in like 2 days?
grade 11 mang D:
so old…

“…when you’re in grade 9 or 10, no one ever sees you as old. But once you reach 11, you automatically seem old…”

– mr.secret-someone

i hope i have a good year mang :S
gonna die with my classes X____X

that was a good summer 🙂
compared to last year..
this summmer was HELLA AWSOME!
well…the summer school part was crap
but i mean, the good stuff covers up the bad stuff 🙂
had fun shopping in the states X)
had an AWSOME time volunteering this year!!!
no bad kids in the camp AT ALL!!!
compared to last year =w=”

shout outs!
– jian ftw
– spencer ftw
– mayra ftw
– nathan ftw
– ayush ftw
– martin for being a dumbass 🙂
– melissa ftw
– sofia ftw
– emily ftw
– janel ftw
– sam ftw
– rahim ftw
– kelly ftw
– melvina ftw
– lauren ftw
– michael ftw
and a whole bunch of other kids 🙂


2 thoughts on “arg?

  1. YOU BETTER READ IT ! >=( !I read your post , and the letters are like over-lapping each other .HARD TO READ , BUT I STILL READ IT !SO YOU BETTER READ MY LONG POST =D

  2. SOSOSOSOOO ??Did you read my long blog yet ? : )
    I SO HAVE TASTE IN HK MOVIES !I just haven`t been updated yet hehe x) Maybe I`ll like it if I watch the movie ?IDK , but right now I still think the song is weird :PIT`S ABOUT DYING ?!?!? WHAAT .

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