wwoot!! :)

after looking around and prices and stuff
finally got my 4gd sony mp3 ❤ 🙂
then we continued with woodburn…
gor my nike (H) so sexyy rofl
got my converse bag for school
and failed to go for my 4th puma bag 😦
went to costco!? O__o
went to the beach…
but on the way the tempurature went from like..40 to17…crazy mang…
went and looked at sunsett
ate food….ICECREAMMM!! rofl
so much asian racism in oregon D: is that how you spell it?
i unno…
people seem to stare so much :

jacked some pencils from the hotel xD
🙂 so asian
rofll so fun 😀
then we went to a cheese factory!?!?!
got this uber long peperoni stick D:
like…2 feet long!?!? crazy
ate some cheeze that when you bit into it…
it squeeked..
rofl eating rubber xD
went to casino to eat buffet…MORE ASIAN RACISTT 😡
got called a guy there too =w=”
after..went to the arcades to play 🙂
then went to this crap ass outlett >__>
went to this mall….
and rushed to the hotel 🙂
get there at…11:45!?
then went to denny’s to eat midnight breakfast!!
so sexxxyy 🙂

went to supermall…
may my mom and aunt bought so much =w=”
all the stores are like ross related…
looking for treasure!? xDD
got my bathing suit + skinny jeanss
saw this hillarious “I ❤ SEX and the city” shirt
ran around this store with huge coats….
walked through this scary hall way D:
then in seattle saw plp throing fishiessss
and went to the starbux with ALOT OF PEOPLE!!
and it was so fucking hot too 😡
went to 202 walked around….
got ANOTHER pair of nikes 🙂
and thats it :))
so sexy rofl

volunteer on monday :))


One thought on “wwoot!! :)

  1. Awwh lucky you`re at Porltand : (I WANA GO BACK ! >=( ! LOL you keep saying everything`s sexy , ahahaha .&& When I was at Portland ppl kept staring at us asians too .. =S So weird … How come you got called a guy ?! What happened ?!?Eww squeaky cheese ?!! EWWW x) Whenn are you coming bacckk ?HAVE FUN SHOPPING ! ❤

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