i have been…”trued”…(true + ed)
i have no clue why i’m writing when i’m not even in the mood to…hahah…
thinking too much about exam 2molo D:
aiya =w=”
wrote an essay today too….
been so bother everytime someone asks you how much you wrote
and when you tell them a small number
they’re reaction is sumthing along the lines of…
and so…the only explanation for myself is…
1. its the details that count…(which i probably fail at…haha…)
2. i write smaller…>__>
i’ll write more when i feel like it…rofl
lemme make some notes to myself 🙂
and untill then…you can think about! ;D

– over thinking
– people hating people when you dunnno what you did wrong…(did that make sence?)


4 thoughts on “:)

  1. Hahaha yay you can get your phone soon then ! 🙂
    LOL yeah your site is full of blonde moments ..maybe I should stop going to your site cuz I`m gonna get dumbER =P JKJK !
    btw ‘sence’ is spelled sense.ahha just saying x)

  2. Two weeks is okay la , better than one month or longer !
    SEE I`M BACK ! 😀 😀 Of course I`m gonna be back =P
    Omg you know when you copied & pasted my comment , I thought I wrote it on my pg LOL .BLONDE MOMENT , AGAIN ! XD

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